Namkyung, as a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging material in the country, will create environment-friendly, low-cost and highly efficient packaging materials and new products in the related field through development of new/application technologies so as to pursue customer satisfaction in both the domestic and overseas markets and we will also set up and operate an appropriate quality management system to achieve out business objectives based on the following policies.

1. prompt research and development to meet the market demand;
2. the accurate distribution and management of the resources; and
3. operation of quality management system to ensure high quality production.
1. All employees will continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and meet the related requirements.
Meet the requirements of customers, legal and mandatory controls, ISO 9001:2000 and the company and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
2. Set up quality goals and do the best to achieve them.
According to this quality manual, the company will constantly set up and check out the quality goals that are consistent with the quality policy reflecting customers' requirements on the products.
The quality goals should be measurable and be set up basically to pursue customer satisfaction.
3. Namkyung produces new products of packaging materials and of the related fields and supplies them to customers in both the domestic and overseas markets. And Namkyung focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the system as well as on customer satisfaction.
4. In order to maximize customer satisfaction and system's achievement, the company introduces the process approach method to the quality management system. When this method is applied within the quality management system, the following importance in are emphasized.

① Understand and meet the requirements.
② Need to consider the process from value-adding aspect.
③ Obtain the process achievement and the results on the effectiveness.
④ Continuous process improvements based on objective measures.
5. Understand the quality policy and actively inform others of it.
All employees should fully understand quality policy, and execute the quality system based on it. Also they should try to satisfy customers by informing the suppliers of the quality policy.