Namkyung will lead the way towards a beautiful and clean environment.
Namkyung has been continuously striving to adapt to the fast changing social environment, and for customer satisfaction. The entire firm has joined together to ensure the wealth and happiness of future generations through continuous process reform and development of new materials.

Namkyung has been devoting all its resources towards the development of new packaging materials and expanding its business ever since its establishment in 1977. It has, for about 10 years from 1985, developed around 300 packing material manufacturing facilities overseas with machinery companies, undertaking a role for the facilities to enter foreign markets. Furthermore, in 1986, Namkyung has established a joint venture entity in Indonesia. In 1991, it has established an overseas subsidiary, which is expanding steadily. The newly constructed in 2003, the PyeongTaek plant has transformed into a modern yet nonpolluting facility by installing the environment-friendly European 8-color flexographic printer and nonsolvent dry laminator. Also, the factory uses watersoluble coating materials.

The substantially reinforced R&D team has made a drastic investment and succeeded in introducing the environment, facilities and manufacturing techniques that enable us to produce clean plastic tape and it is now contributing to the IT industry by producing competitive products.

Furthermore, Namkyung's tear strip is produced through batch processing from FILM(MOPP) to complete products(100,000M/Jumbo roll). The high quality of this product enjoys a good reputation in both domestic and foreign markets.

Finally, we promise you that Namkyung will always spur on research and development for customer satisfaction and will try to be the most innovative company in the 21st. century with cheap yet quality materials and new packaging technology development through the information infrastructure both at home and abroad.