- Packaging materials for 4 layer paper foil, 3 layer film, film & 2 layer film , paper, paper foil, 4 layer film foil and etc.
- We provide all types of flexible packaging materials-materials for biscuit, Snack , Gum(Piece/ packet), Butter, Cheese, Powder(Multi-Layer), Cold seal(Candy/Choco bar), Top seal and etc.
- We provide 8 color degree, 9 color degree gravure printing and environment-friendly 8 color degree flexographic printing for printing process.
For paper combining process, we provide solvent dry lamination as well as nonsolvent paper combining through installing nonsolvent dry laminator.
Furthermore, we produce environment-friendly packaging materials and tapes by coating the sealing adhesives with water based cold seal/adhesives in order to realize the high value, high quality as well as customer satisfaction