- Self adhesive hot melt type tear strip(gold, red, line, logo printing etc.)
Color tie(printing color: gold, red, line, logo printing etc.)
- Unpacking the film packaging of food and manufactured goods such as cigarette case, snack, audio, video tape, triangular sushi and etc.
Enables users to easily open the preserving purpose film packaging.
- It is a tape for the twist tie(copper interlined string to ensure no looseness of the tie) that goes with any type of packaging materials such as family-size bread packets, flower bunches, flower cases and etc.

Self adhesive tear strip : width 1.5 ~ 4mm × Length8,000 ~ 100,000M/ROLL

  HOT melt type tear strip : width 1.5 ~ 4mm × Length 6,000 ~ 8000M/ROLL
Color tie : width 11 ~ 152mm × Length 2,000 ~ 30,000M/ROLL